Greetings to all this fine day. I woke up to a flooded window sill and floor. I overlooked the rain last night and left the window open. I also had three furry pups in my bed when I awoke. They were afraid of the pinecones hitting the roof due to all the rain. They wanted their breakfast and I wanted my coffee. So bleary-eyed as I was I proceeded to pay homage to them as I warmed their breakfast. They truly rule this humble domain. I then proceeded to mop up the mess from last night.

I had all the information regarding our Volunteer dinner menu. Todd Weiweck had graciously provided me in fine detail, the menu for our scrumptious meal. Bleary-eyed as I was I erased the fine details. But I will try to remember some of it.

I do know he made his Tri-Tip taste like Filet Mignon. He marinated it for several hours. He prepared Fingerlings as only he can. I had to ask, Fingerlings are a small potato. I do not know what he did with the fresh veggies but they were wonderful. He also served a moist chicken with sauce. That sounds somewhat blase when I say a sauce. It was his secret. Last but not least for all the non-meat eaters there was a Vegetarian pie. I heard rave revues on it. All of these were served with potatoes and veggies. The meal began with salad and ended with a triple fruit sauce, vanilla bean ice cream and cake. As we waited for our food we were served wine and listened to music. We had a lot of laughter and conversation.

We were a small group of about 45. I would have liked to have seen more of you volunteers present. You missed a fine meal. But it was
probably best because Todd’s crew was down one server, that server was his wife, She was waiting by their daughter’s bedside while she delivered their first grandchild. I must say Todd waited on us all with calmness and style. In the back of his head, I know his head and heart were with his wife , daughter and beautiful granddaughter.

All the while he was working with a stove that could have gone kaput at any time. He also did the preparations for our meal and his business with a refrigerator that was misbehaving. All the while moving perishables to our other refrigerators. Yes, the meal was an act of kindness and grace under fire.

But better late than never, last night our new stove arrived. The center is now proud owners of a $4160.00 stove. The refrigerator repair came in at about $900.00. You might notice that periodically I add in our costs because I want members to know where their money goes. We are still debt-free and in fine shape.

I have gone on a bit about our dinner. So I will briefly cover some information you will want to know.

Our rummage sale is coming up on October 4th and 5th. Make sure you put it on your calendar. We are also having our Holiday Bazaar on November 1rst and 2nd. If you have a desire to rent a table you many sign up at the reception desk. Last year was so much fun. We had many crafters tell me they would be back.

Camille Lockling

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