The purpose of the South Salem Seniors is to promote a wide array of activities for the education, recreation, social and cultural needs of seniors 50 years of age and older. Our goal is to assist seniors to stay active and to make full use of their abilities.

Our Mission

Welcome to the South Salem Seniors, Inc. The center has been around since 1989. We provide individuals over age 50 a place to socialize, to make friends, to engage in activities, and to volunteer, thus enriching their lives with knowledge and skills that they can share with other interested individuals.

We take special pride that our organization is totally self-sufficient. All of our funding is generated from volunteer activities and programs for the benefit of the organization. We do not receive funding from any local city, county, state or Federal sources. All staffing consists of member volunteers. No paid employees exist in the organization. We hope you consider this a home away from home. We are proud to say our building and its contents are completely paid for, with no debt.

SSS is a public charity non-profit organization or 501 (c)(3) and as such can receive donations from individuals, estates, and/or trusts to the benefit of the organization. Our fiscal year starts September 1 to the following August 31. The organization files annual returns, Form 990 to the Internal Revenue Service, and Form CT-12 to the Oregon Justice department, Charitable Activities.

We hope that you reap the benefits from being involved in our organization by participating in our many program activities. One important operational aspect is the volunteers who serve as officers and Board Members.

Thank you for your interest in joining the South Salem Seniors, Inc.


Renata Pilotto