We are now going into May Madness my friends. Shuck off the sweaters and boots. Sit in the sun and run your toes through the grass. Lift your faces to the sky and bask in the warmth. Do not worry about age spots, we are allowed to have them. Now is the time to take a stroll through your neighborhood and meet or greet. Maybe you could be proactive and have a block barbecue. It could be the start of a friendship.

I find it troubling that most people do not know people in their own neighborhood. I was reading some posts that our newsletter lady, Miss Zoe, put on FB. The percentage of seniors who are alone without interaction with others is huge.

One could have someone next door who is ill, hungry and scared. I would encourage you to reach out. We have some literature about a newly formed South Salem Village to Village program called Weave that you might be interested in. We have the literature here in the Center. Or shoot me an email and I will mail it to you if you cannot get here. I have heard some say they do not want to become involved. They might reconsider if they were on the other end and needed help.

It might sound like I am harping. Please believe me I am not. I will soon be 70 years of age. Truthfully the impact of this did not hit me until I joined the Center. I see it around me every day.

But I also feel all the emotions that come with 70. I did not save enough money, I told myself I had a lot of time. I worry who will take care of me; after all, my children do not live here. My siblings are aging right along with me. I try to carry their load and my own.

Although one thing that keeps me going is service to others while I am capable of doing so. I know volunteering can be a scary move. But no one can fire you. Your presence and talents are needed and wanted.

Talk about a commitment: as President I stepped into this green and it has been quite an undertaking. Many people say it takes two
years to get one’s footing. But regardless of whether I am here another year or not, it has been interesting. I have made irreplaceable

The volunteers do so because they know caring it what it is about. Caring for themselves and the Center. Outsiders find it unreal that we are not paid. They think we must not be very capable because we work for free. I challenge them by telling them that it speaks volumes of the character of these volunteers. They are not ready to let go. They are needed and their service helps them remember it.

Our Fashion and Tea was a success. There were so many hours put into this event. Several of the ladies worked in the kitchen for several hours before the actual models appeared. We shared many stories from our youth, and shared many laughs. I made sure to damage a few desserts, I ate what would have not gone on the plate. Honor roll students came to assist us. They looked a bit perplexed with us crazy ladies in the kitchen. But they were absolutely wonderful. Our news lady Zoe washed all of the dishes. She is multitalented.

I am off to see the wee bees in Seattle. Blessings to you all.

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