Wake up! Wake up! This is how a recent letter started in Keizer/Salem Senior Center’s Newsletter. I was seriously thinking of scanning it and just using it the President’s letter this month. (It confirmed my suspicions about non-profits balancing volunteer needs and the costs of running a large organization.) Luckily, we are not operating in a negative budget at this time. I repeat, at this time.

When you contribute your talents it helps your Center control costs. I feel like a telemarketer when I ask for members to step up and participate. I am not overtly asking for your money. I am asking for your talents and skills. Please consider volunteering! With that said, on to our latest news.

KITCHEN: Todd Wieweck has been renting our kitchen as Soup-R-Meals for some time now. He has professed an interest in helping us with more activities in the next year. With that promise, we are going to renew his kitchen contract. He will split the costs of hood maintenance over the range, though we may need to replace our kitchen range in the future. The Center recently needed to purchase a 2018 freezer for the kitchen when our last one went kaput!

Marion-Polk Food Share has asked to renew their contract with us for the next two years. This at an increased cost of $10.00 yearly.

LANDSCAPING: We have a volunteer who mows the lawns and cleans up. But we need more help. Our grounds are looking neglected. It needs some loving care. So, we have invited bids from 3 local landscape companies. And, it would be lovely to see the corner of our building with a new appearance, possibly a concrete bench and plaques honoring past members. It could be a memory garden.

ADVERTISING: Dan Schei who is a long-time member has looked into renting a digital billboard and the board has approved this: The signs we have purchased in the past have walked away. We will be testing the digital billboard at the corner of Commercial and Kuebler for an upcoming activity and see if it is a worthwhile investment.

SHARING IS CARING: Social media is one way to get the word out about our activities and Center offerings. The cost is FREE and we’ve noticed your shares make a HUGE difference! Please post to NextDoor, Facebook, Google, and on your local fraternal or worship organization’s digital bulletin board. Thank you in advance for sharing while keeping your posts politically correct and upbeat.

BISCUITS & GRAVY: Our Pancake Breakfast is going to need someone to run it starting in the fall. Paul has purchased a motor home and wants to travel. I for one am grateful for all he has done for the Center. So if you KNOW someone who might be interested in taking on our monthly pancake breakfast on or have any ideas please contact me.

FINANCIAL: The Center has hired a new Bookkeeper to take over in the fall. Her name is Gloria Petrie. She will be taking over our bookkeeping needs when Linda Parks retires.

TRAVEL: Our Travel Coordinator position is open again. If you like to travel (or know someone who likes to) and enjoys arranging logistics, please contact me.

PARKING LOT: Our lot has 3 catch basins that need some care. They get plugged up and cause flooding. This requires some back-breaking work to cure the problem. After the clog is cleared the concrete needs to be repaired. (Roger Brousseau is handling this part.) I have been trying to find a business that does this kind of work and am coming up short. If you know of a resource, please let us know.

BINGO: Looking for your calling? We are still in need of someone to take over the role of Bingo Caller.

As you can see, it takes a lot of resources and talent to run the Senior Center. We can’t do it without you. Please consider attending your Member meeting and step up your involvement! (By the way, the next one is Wednesday, August 14th at 1pm.) I hope you are all enjoying your summer. It is moving along rapidly. Au revoir until next month.

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