I think it is safe to say most of us enjoyed the snow flakes as they fell. It was exciting to try and second guess what they were going to do next. For myself it is so soothing to feel the sun on my face and to go without a jacket. My furry critters have a bounce in their step as they poke around in the front yard. I plan to balance out the good weather ahead. It isn’t going to be all about yard work , washing windows and cars. I plan to sip coffee in my chaise in the back yard, and of course nap in it.

Much has been going on in the Center since last month. We’ve had several new members join who are always a plus. One stands out in my mind at this moment. His name is Gary VanHuffel: he is about 65 years young. Yep, 65 is a youngster to me. Anyway he is retired and appears to be very fit. Come to find out he loves cycling. In fact he would like to start a men’s cycling group and is volunteering in the computer room. Please welcome our new members when you see them!

Speaking of Pancake Breakfast, that reminds me, what a turn out! We filled 167 bellies. What a turn out! In case you might not know a sponsor donates funds to our monthly breakfast. Our Mr. Paul who is the head of our breakfast is always glad to see sponsors, as is the finance committee. Our sponsor for this month was Marian Estates, located in Sublimity, Oregon. A shout out to Kate Bayne for rounding up those breakfast sponsors for us. Ms. Kate works the desk and is the Center Secretary.

Donna Avina has turned over the reins of the newsletter to Zoe Morrison, another youngster, I might add. I was very nervous about the whole thing. Oh me of little faith! Zoe glided in like she has been doing this her whole life. Zoe is not fully retired so she burns the candle at both ends. She really has some excellent ideas for the growth of our center. She has yet to laugh at me when I screw up on the computer or in my attempts at texting. I envision her to be part of bringing new energy into the center.

Did you see, the website has finally turned the corner. We have a young lady named Lisa Basalto in charge of it. It is a work in progress since none of us are sure what all we want in it. I would not blame her if she changed her phone number, as much as I call her asking questions regarding the website. Lisa is an author, also burning the candle at both ends. She is the granddaughter of Paula Hindman, a longtime volunteer in Nifty Thrifty. Paula is also 2nd Vice President. If you have any website ideas, please present them to me.

Then, peek your head in to greet Lela Cesena, the new face in the Travel Department. She is full of wonderful ideas and enthusiasm. Come to her with
any travel ideas. I have often thought if one puts a desire out to the Universe it will often manifest itself. My desire is to see the Center receive a vehicle for day trips. How that is going to happen I do not know yet. But we as members of the Center should not be grounded because we have no wheels. There are so many wonderful places and things to experience. We deserve to experience this. So if you pray, then pray. If you meditate, then meditate. Whatever your thing is please envision this for our Center.

I would love it if you haven’t been in for a while or if you are new please drop by the office. Let lunch be on me. In case I am not in please come again. I will be gone over the Easter Holiday. The Grand Weebies are waiting for Grandma in Seattle. I need a fresh shot of love, laughter and hugs. Better than any vitamin drink. I will just sit back in the train and read, eat and snooze in transit.

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