Hello South Salem Senior Center. Nice to see the sky has opened up and given us some much needed rain.

Recently life took an unexpected twist so the last 3 weeks I have been on auto pilot, feeling tired and overwhelmed. In May my older brother was brought into the emergency room in critical condition. He stayed in the hospital until 5/16/19. He is now in transitional care for about a month to receive physical therapy and medication fed through a pick line. After that I do not have a clue. This is a man who never thought about anything but
today. No preparation for the future. Now I need to try and plan it for him. I will carry the weight for there is no one else and I love him.

This experience has strengthened my belief that no one should isolate themselves. It will drive you over the edge. I think this is especially true of seniors. With isolation you create loneliness. With loneliness you can create poor health. I believe we are here to serve one another. A hard task to accomplish when a person is a hermit. I saw the signs, I should have taken the difficult road and challenged his resistance to help. I just gave up because it was easier.

But my heart and conscience knew better. I now have to tell another human being how they need to function. One lesson I am learning is when the time comes I hope someone challenges me. I am a stubborn and independent soul. I hope I love myself and my family enough to let them help me. I hope I will listen. I hope we all will. I could use your positive prayers and thoughts right now. Thank you!

Many Blessings to you all.

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