How can I tell you a story about a lovely and a complex woman in so few paragraphs? The woman I am writing about is Paula Hindman. She has been a member of the Center since 2014, You will find her in Nifty Thrifty, serving at the Pancake Breakfast and our 2nd Vice President. She is Chairman for the Board Finance Committee. She has a wonderful smile and a gentle demeanor. But yet, she has been a shrewd and strong career woman.
She hales from a farming community called Grandville, Iowa. Population 350. She was the 3rd daughter and had a younger brother. There were 11 months separating her from her older sister and younger brother. She loved dressing up in her mom’s clothes and playing house. She did have a playhouse that she decorated and played make believe in. Yet she played cowboys and Indians with her brother, tearing around with wooden guns whooping and hollering. She helped with chores, where she collected eggs, cleaned house and worked in the garden.
Paula began school at four and a half years old in a combination kindergarten first grade school. Half kindergarten, half first grade. She stayed in this school until 3rd grade. She then attended Catholic School that was the predominant school of the community. Paula was a cheerleader in high school. She also participated in plays. She once played “Cinderella “. Her ball gown was her older sister’s wedding dress. I can picture Paula spinning around on a dance floor with her elegant slippers.

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