By Michele Martin Taylor

Arturo Guillen is always busy and always in motion. Soon you’ll realize you’ve seen Arturo pretty much every where at the Center.

Arturo dons his gloves to help wherever he is needed: whether loading a nifty-thrifty customer’s purchases, helping with donation runs, providing support in the computer room, assisting with the printing of this very newsletter or any of the many tasks he is called to take on. And now, he’s on the ballot for the Board of the Center. Whew!

As a child, Arturo was always interested in how things worked and why people behaved as they did. He learned to use the library as a child and pored over things that interested him there. You might say his long career at the Oregon State Library was inevitable: in college he was a student temp at the State Library, transitioned into a thirty year career where he retired as a top IT employee.

His interests and hobbies are numerous. Try to keep up with him, and you might be tromping off to his garden. “I only want to grow the biggest tomatoes this side of the Rockies,” he laughs, but his tomatoes were quite a bit bigger than our cub reporter’s own plants, so he is deserving of his bragging rights!

Perhaps you’ll find him humming along to his favorite Classical music, fishing or keeping up with the latest in computer developments. He has a penchant for political cartoons.

His exuberant personality stokes his artistic nature: why not ask him about his photography? He enjoys photographing nature and is an expert at photo editing where he can enhance images of the natural world!

You may find him spending family time with his brother & sister-in-law at the beach . There you may run into Arturo and his wife Renata (who was highlighted in the April issue) there. Arturo and Renata are a power duo who are also in close contact with their children from a blended family.

Stop by the computer room, or the pool table near the library (a skill honed at the Senior Center) to visit with Arturo. With his varied interests and big personality you will find yourself drawn into conversation and be rewarded with his zest for life!

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