Monday Afternoon Crafters

by Arlene Williams

Along with all of the items created by our own group, we had items donated from others. Joyce Wall brought hats for newborn babies and left them at the SSS desk. One of our own members, Charlyne DeMonnin, has a neighbor, Margaret Brown, who knits myriads of items for children. Charlyne delivers them to us. This month there were many baby items: hats, sweaters, and booties, along with many sweaters for preschool children with unique buttons, as well as mittens, and hats of various styles.

Even with the warm weather and summer coming, we still continue to knit, crochet, and create.

We had several inquiries about Fidget Quilts: what they are, how to make, what size, etc. Originally, the bases were made using small quilts. A good size is about 30 inches square. However, we have several ladies who don’t quilt, but are very creative. They knit or crochet squares of about 30 inches and attach items to them, such as strings of large buttons, zippers, little pockets with things that fit into them, circles of lace, a piece of fluffy fabric. In other words, things that can be fidgeted with.

One lady used large knitting needles and a very fluffy yarn to make a square before attaching items. The yarn itself was fidget-able!

We meet every Monday from 1:00 to 3:00.

If you need hooks, needles, yarn or ideas, we can help with that. Plus, we have a wonderful time visiting with each other. Hoping to see you.

Thank you so much for your donations.

Garden Club News

by Barbara Castle

The weather is calling us to the GREAT outdoors! Plant sales are happening as I write this, all over town & at our own South Salem Seniors location.

We hope your yards & gardens SWELL with blooms during the next few months. Many of us are suffering from the high pollen count now, my hubby for one.

The public gardens are a ‘riot of color’ that we enjoy on our trips and errands in the BEAUTIFUL capitol city in which we happily reside.

Our field trip in May to Godfrey’s Nursery & Wavra Farms will be a happy memory in June when we will meet at the lovely gardens of one of our members (To be announced). This will be our upcoming ‘schedule’ as we CELEBRATE the joy of garden/nursery visits.

You will be informed as to our meeting location when we call you the days before the 3rd Monday of each month. 1pm is our meet-up time, unless we go on a field trip, or to a ‘TEA PARTY’ & gather earlier OR later.

Until then, take time to ‘smell the fragrance’ of blooms everywhere & happy gardening to ALL.

If you have questions about the Garden Club, contact Barbara at 503.375.7723

Volunteers Wanted

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