By Michele Taylor

Monday June 17th was a perfect day for luncheon in the garden hosted by sisters Kay Renchler and Gail Cummings. More than a dozen garden club members and guests strolled the summerhouse decorated in chintzes and set with delicate chairs and tables. A tour continued: onto to flower beds filled with mock orange, cotoneaster, penstemon and other sweet, old fashioned garden plants. Fireweed, normally wild, looked luminous and healthy in its cultivated state. Decorative red plum trees were ripening, and a beautiful back deck tempted sunbathing. However, more garden to see drove us on.

We chatted about the garden and asked questions. Hosts Kay and Gail put on a lavish luncheon: croissant sandwiches and lot of fruit and veggies—my favorite were the incredibly sweet large strawberries with chocolate and caramel sauce to put on them, and delectable cheeses. A gigantic maple tree was the centerpiece for the luncheon.

It was a lovely, lovely time, and I’m sure everyone was enchanted as I was, with the garden, the event, and our thoughtful and gracious hosts.

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