by Arlene Williams

Recently I took a bus tour with Oregon West to Tacoma and Victoria B.C. In Victoria a guide was hired to give our busload a tour of the city. She was very animated as she told about the eccentricities of Victoria. There are several precinct-type divisions of the city. Each has its own precinct building, its own mayor, council, police department, and fire department. Everyone knows all of these divisions are not financially responsible, but no precinct can agree with another to combine.

In one of these precincts, a policeman was on duty and was just driving around his area. Suddenly he noticed a lady driving with her arms laced through the steering wheel and holding knitting needles and yarn. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

As he followed her down the street, he turned on his flashing red lights. They had no effect on the lady driver. So, the cop pulled up beside her and shouted, “Pull over. Pull over!”

She sweetly looked at him and said, “No, this is a cardigan!”

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